20140520 Rainy Tuesday

The weather today is a little bit impolite.

I woke up at eight this morning but was still feeling exhausted since I had been staying up late for a couple of days. While trying to recover from this freaking dream about cockroaches in the toilet I had during my freaking REM, I looked out the window and saw the sun so innocent that you could never question its trustworthy.

So I rushed to class without bringing my umbrella. It all felt right, but then dark clouds began to mask the sun, and an hour later came the torrential rain. The whole class was in awe of the ferocious rainfall caused so abruptly by the rain, and many of my classmates who easily trusted the morning sun and left their umbrellas home, including me, were slightly complaining about the unpredictable weather.

The weather continues to be a mess the whole day, but give it a second thought, it is kinda my favorite type of weather 'cause the sun, the rain, the lightning and the thunder all together make the world at once thriving and abundant. These are all parts of nature and life.

So I made a bowl of simple crunchy salad for lunch. Also, I bought the best tiny baguette I've ever had at Yamazaki. Those sliced cucumbers were my secret weapon. I bought them directly from the farmers during a farmers market held last weekend, and I have to say they are beyond my expectation. Watery and crunchy, cucumbers are just food from heaven.

Even the simplest green salad can make a sleep-deprived girl's day.

In the end, I have to share this beautiful song with you. The melody simply stuck in my mind, and the lyrics are just the most comforting words in the world.

Lullaby for a Stormy Night by Vienna Teng