20140514 Capellini

I am still working on the travel diary subsequent to 《雙溪猴硐的單人一日遊 (上)》, but as mentioned, I should also embark on this epic self-training as soon as possible. I guess the ultimate goal of this self-training stuff is to make myself both comfortable and confident when sharing thoughts in English. But since I haven't been writing English articles in three years and all those skills I used to possess are currently dormant, I need to start it all over again.

Stage one of this training program is to write something brief and light about the day.

Here we go.

It's crazy hot and my bicycle saddle was like a baking tray when I was planning on riding to class. The situation worsened at noon for I couldn't even see things clearly when everything was steaming. With new outfit recently bought in GAP, I managed to look sexy in this desert-like place but instead I looked desperate like a camel. Can't help but agree the blistering heat had actually plunged me into insanity.Thankfully, I spotted bowls of home-made Capellini sold by "Finance Week" and was truly intoxicated by the brilliant colors of fresh tomatoes and nicely cubed onions.

I bought it without hesitation.

This overwhelmingly hot weather has indeed help Capellini gain traction for the reason that it was made of fresh tomatoes, onions and boiled chicken which was then diced into these cute little cubes. Finally, the Capellini was studded with springs of rosemary. With the help from this fragrant herb, I promise you this pasta is a taste of summer.

It was blissful and stylish to have Capellini with me.

In the end, I need to share this inspiring quote I saw today: Live as if you'll die tomorrow. Dream as if you'll live forever.